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2200 Jefferson Ave. - 1st fl
Toledo, Ohio 43604
P: 419.251.9870
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Assets Toledo

A non-profit organization serving small business owners with self-employment training and support.

A Service for Self Employment Training and Support provides practical, experience-based training for those starting or expanding a small business. The results are empowerment, economic independence, the promotion of economic and social justice, the creation of stronger families and neighborhoods in the city, strengthening of character and values, and creation new jobs.

Microenterprise Development
A microenterprise is often defined as a small business with fewer than five employees, annual sales of $100,000 or less, and credit needs under $35,000. ASSETS Toledo targets low-to moderate-income individuals who have the vision and dream of self-employment, but lack the resources, business skills, mentors and role models, and money to realize that dream.

Faith-Based and Collaborative
ASSETS is a faith-based initiative and a non-profit corporation. As a faith-based group, our approach is broad, ecumenical, and interracial. Our desire is to integrate character building, values, and integrity into the training. The spirit is collaborative, eagerly working with other partners in the community-businesses, agencies, and individuals-to reach common goals of economic, community, and personal development. ASSETS is also affiliated with MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates), which has worked internationally for almost 50 years in economic development, and initiated the first ASSETS program in Pennsylvania in 1993.

2200 Jefferson Ave. - 1st fl, Toledo, Ohio43604
P: 419.251.9870, F: 419.243.8002

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist self-motivated individuals in Northwest Ohio who have a personal vision for self-employment and small business initiatives, but limited resources, by providing hands-on-training, peer networking, and support network and capital.


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